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I am currently editing some photos from a recent day trip to Nantou county of which I shall upload shortly. I just wanted to give you a little preview of what to expect. Enjoy.

Tunnel Vision

Evening sun on Changhua beach

Just the one photo today chaps. This small hut is a very popular photographic spot among locals. The two times I have been here to shoot there has been endless amounts of wedding photographers, amateurs and enthusiast hobbyists alike. For some reason, this place feels like the Taiwan version of Dungeness.
I will be venturing back at some point to grab some more photos as the weather has been bad on both occasions. On the next post, I will provide location details and some more background information.

Changhua Boathouse Sunset

Tenway Gardens – Changhua, Taiwan

Happy New Year all, hope you all had a great Christmas. I have just returned form a nice, albeit rainy, trip to England. A few weeks away from Taiwan to see family and friends for the festive period. It was great to get back and catch up but I really did miss Taiwan.

A few days before my trip I visited the picturesque Tenway Gardens in Changhua County. Packed full of vibrant flowers, a small pond and vegetable patches Tenway is a great place to visit to kill a few hours and have some lunch.

Price per person is 100NT which can be put towards the great buffet held at lunchtimes. Be sure to head down there early to book a table as they get booked up pretty quickly. The food consists of all types of vegetables of which the majority are grown in the surrounding gardens. Fresh chicken and duck meat (also reared on the land) and of course, some cake and tea to wash it down with.

The gardens themselves are relatively small and can be walked around within 10-15 minutes, if you’re not stopping to take photographs every 20 seconds that is.

All in all a nice place to take your friends and family for lunch and take in the beautiful scenery. The perfect place to go if you need a temporary break from the nearby city life.


Tenway Gardens 01

Tenway Gardens 10

Tenway Gardens 14

Tenway Gardens 09

Tenway Gardens 12

Tenway Gardens 02

Tenway Gardens 03

Tenway Gardens 16

Tenway Gardens 15

Tenway Gardens 17

Tenway Gardens 18

Tenway Gardens 19

Tenway Gardens 21

Tenway Gardens 04

Tenway Gardens 05

Tenway Gardens 07

Tenway Gardens 08

Tenway Gardens 22

Tenway Gardens 23

Tenway Gardens 24

Tenway Gardens 25

Rce Field 01



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